SMSA ICW Seminar: Topic 7-Provisioning

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7. Provisioning and Grocery Stores

Don't over-provision. We start out, planning to go to Bellhaven before we can reprovision. After that, it is easy. We found that we did use a lot of happy hour food; cruisers seem to like to get together for happy hour. There are grocery stores in every town. Some are easier to get to than others. Below is a list of those that are easily accessible, either on foot or using a marina courtesy car.

Note: Even if Skipper Bob indicates that there is a grocery and/or a courtesy car at a marina, be sure to check that information when you make a reservation.

If you are going to the Bahamas, prices are a bit higher. In Marsh Harbor, Abaco, there are two large groceries and you can get just about any and everything you want. If you are going farther south in the Bahamas, you will need to plan your menus and shop ahead, until you get to Georgetown.

While everything is available in Marsh Harbor, some items are really relatively expensive, especially bulky items like paper products, cereal, chips, etc. Also, beer is expensive.

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