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Kayak, SUP

Kayaks and Stand up Paddle Boards available at SMSA

SMSA offers multiple opportunities for members to get out on the water. In addition to the sit-in kayaks already onside, SMSA has added 4 sit on top kayaks and 2 stand up paddle boards to our list of available boats.

Please see below for the rules associated with checking out and operating these assets.

Please report all damage or issues to Together, we can keep these assets available for years to come.

Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board rules

Assets available for use: April 1 to October 31; Available sunrise to sunset

**All Coast Guard, State and Local Regulations must be followed**
Example: Must carry a sound producing device (Ex: whistle attached to your PFD)

A 'Check Out Assessment' is STRONGLY recommended for SMSA Members wishing to sign out a kayak or Stand UP Paddle Board. Please contact Membership Chair for checkout assessment.

1. When signing out a boat, the member must indicate names of all onboard, type of boat & it’s identifying name or number, departure time, expected time of return and any maintenance/damage issues in the log book. Maximum checkout period is 6 hours. Member must sign the boat back in with the actual return time and identify any maintenance/damage issues. [PLEASE report damage so the damage can be repaired and all members can continue to use the assets - if damage is not repaired, it can create greater damage]

a. A minor member must have a permission slip signed by their parent / guardian on file with SMSA before they can sign out a boat.

b. The member who signs out a boat is responsible for ensuring proper safety equipment is on board, safe operation and return, plus should be aware of the participants' abilities and current / forecast weather conditions.

2. All occupants must WEAR PFD(s).

3. All boats must remain within the designated operating area. The general area includes Drum Point to Point Patience and waterways in between. All members are reminded that wind, tide, and current will affect your use of the Kayaks and SUPs. Please remain aware of the tides, current, and weather and their impact on your stamina and safety. All minors paddling their own boat or board must stay within the creeks.

4. Kayaks and SUPs must be launched/recovered from SMSA. We do not allow you to transport them from SMSA for use in other locations/waters.

5. The presence or consumption of beer or other alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited. Users must refrain from using drugs or alcohol prior to or while using the equipment.

6. NO sitting or standing on sit-on-top kayak or SUP when boat is not in the water (ex: shore, dock, floaters)

7. Any damage or loss of the equipment due to negligence will be the responsibility of the member.

8. Do not allow the kayaks or SUPs the crash on rocks, boats, etc. or rub against barnacles along the shoreline. Do not drag kayaks or boards over sharp rocks. Never stand on the paddle boards unless they are in deep enough water to protect both the board and the fin underneath.

9. SUP: Operator must wear the board leash; No hard sole shoes - recommend barefoot, neoprene booties or water sandals; For your safety you should be physically fit enough to be able to get to a standing position from your hands and knees. Participants should also not have any balance issues.

Sit-on-top Kayak SUP
Age Must be 16 years or older to check out a kayak.
Ages 16-17 years old may not carry passengers under 16 unless accompanied by an adult.
Minimum age for single-handed kayak use is 8 years old and must be accompanied by an adult.
Must be 18 years or older to check out a paddle board.
Minimum age single-handed SUP use is 8 years and must be accompanied by an adult.
Occupants 1, 2, or 3
Single Config: One person in the center seat
Dual Config: One person in the back and one person in the front
3-person: Dual config with one child in the center seat well
1 or 2
Max Capacity* 365 lbs 285 lbs
Boat Weight57 lbs39 lbs
*Please be honest about your weight and make sure that you do not exceed any of the specifications listed above or below. This is for your safety and for the longevity and structural integrity of our kayaks and paddle boards

After Use: Please rinse boards and kayaks and paddles with fresh water after use (remove the kayak seats prior to rinsing). Kayak seats must be hung to dry after use.

Recommendation: We have found it easier to enter/exit the boat from the floating dock by the Holder 20 vice the grey floating dock as it is more stable and not as low to the water.