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2024 Board of Directors
Congratulations to your 2024 BOD Election winners!


Nominees for Commodore must have previously served at least two years as Officer or a committee chair.

John Blaney

John Blaney

I learned to sail in Dun Laoghaire, Ireland at age 6 and did a lot of Tall Ship sailing around the outside of Europe in my teens. Ive taught sailing and crossed the Atlantic. I worked for Westinghouse and Emerson in Pittsburgh until I moved to Solomons nearly 6 years ago. I bought my first boat, and joined SMSA and immediately got reinvolved with sailing. I've spent time as an assistant instructor with the high school sailors. As facilities chair, I built our warming kitchen and kept the premises functional. As cruise chair, I've enjoyed planning and leading cruises around the Chesapeake Bay. Over the last 2 years I’ve been your Rear Commodore, coordinating the clubs' chairs for land-based activities including bar, social, membership, facilities, and communications.

We lease our premises which means if you want to improve them, you're investing in an asset the landlord benefits from. As a result, I've advocated that we should consider buying the property so we can benefit from those investments. To do so takes a multiyear disciplined and focused Board which is why I became Rear Commodore. Now that the opportunity has presented itself to do so I offer myself for the position of Commodore to complete the process.

Sailing is the clubs focus, and especially bringing in new people and teaching them this lifetime sport. A suitable premises of our own helps achieve that, benefiting all our members. Carpe Diem.

Vice Commodore

David Meiser

David Meiser

My family joined SMSA in 1973, shortly after we moved to the area, and I have actively participated in all SMSA programming since that time. I am married with three children, Mallory (33), Ellie (31), and Henry J (18). My wife Jacki (SMSA member since 1979), son Henry J (SMSA member since birth), and I have been very involved for decades, in many club activities including racing (currently on our Melges 32, “One Trick Pony”), cruising our Baybuilt, teaching at summer camp, participating in and helping with the Small Boat Program, and organizing Screwpile Race Week. For the past two years I have served as the SMSA Commodore. In prior years, I have served as Facilities Chair, Keelboat Racing Chair, Yearbook Chair, and I have served as a Director on the SMSA Board for several terms.

SMSA has been a large part of my life and I hope to keep the Club in a position to help others, for generations to come, to learn and enjoy the world of sailing as I have been able to do. My goal is for SMSA to be a club that excels in providing membership programming, runs efficiently, and is positioned to be sustainable into the future. I hope to attract and maintain a membership body that views sailing as a lifestyle and has long term commitment to SMSA.

Rear Commodore

Scotty Roland

Scotty Roland

My wife, Lynn, and I joined SMSA in 2013, after moving to the area and being introduced to the wonderful sport of sailing. We were late bloomers and can’t believe that we never took up sailing in Hawaii, my last duty station prior to putting down roots here. We both volunteered for several years supporting the High School Sailing Programs in St. Mary’s County, on and off the water. Along the way, I became a US Sailing Certified Small Boat Instructor. I am an avid keelboat and small boat racer. I’ve owned and raced on several keelboats and small boats since joining the club. Lynn and I currently race on the Melges 32 “One Trick Pony”, and I race my VX-One in the small boat fleet.

I served as the Bar Manager at SMSA from October 2014 to October 2017 and have volunteered at numerous club events over the years. For the last two years (2022/2023) I have served as the Vice Commodore. My focus as Vice Commodore has been to ensure the safety of our members and camp staff. Additionally, I created a system to account for all club assets and updated all insurance documentation to ensure the club, its members, and staff are adequately protected. I also created the billet of Safety Boat Captain, tasked with ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of our safety boat fleet to ensure availability for our various small boat programs.

I look forward to continuing to support the club in a new capacity and assist in making the vision of owning our clubhouse a reality.


Katherine Woodworth *

Katherine Woodworth

I have a strong foundation in accounting and a newly developed but genuine passion for our sailing community, and I am enthusiastic about the prospect of serving as the next SMSA Treasurer. I bring over a decade of professional accounting experience and have held my CPA license since 2015. I look forward to putting these qualifications to work, in these important transformational years approaching us in SMSA.

My educational background includes dual Bachelor's degrees in accounting and business administration with a minor in negotiations, as well as a Master's degree in accounting. In my current professional role, I lead a team responsible for monitoring financial health and performance, generating monthly and annual financial statements for a multibillion-dollar NAVAIR division, and acting as a liaison for high-visibility special funding appropriations. This experience equips me with the expertise to handle our club's finances with care and precision. I've been a proud resident of Solomons since February 2021, and I currently serve as the SMSA Social Program Co-Chair.

If elected as Treasurer, I will diligently manage SMSA finances to ensure the Club’s continued growth and prosperity. Your trust in me will not be misplaced, as I am committed to fostering the financial stability of our Club and enriching the experiences of our members. I look forward to this opportunity to continue to serve SMSA in a manner which fits perfectly with my professional skills and credentials.


Laura Comeau-Stanley

Laura Comeau-Stanley

Since joining SMSA in 2000, I have served in various capacities, including Secretary, Membership Chair, Social Chair, Small Boat Program Co-Chair, and Clew Editor. I have been an active race participant in the keelboat, small boat and women’s programs and have assisted in the performance of Race Committee for all programs. In 2004, I served as a member of the Capital Planning Committee to explore and report on the feasibility of possible future sites for a clubhouse and supporting facilities for SMSA programs in advance of the anticipated request to vacate the clubhouse at Calvert Marina. In my professional life, I serve as the Corporate Secretary to the Board of Commissioners for the St. Mary’s County Metropolitan Commission, responsible for the completion and publication of all meeting minutes, record retention of various corporate documents, including by-laws, standard policies and procedures, and employee manual. I also assist in the general administration of all permits, code and compliance documents, as required by county, state and federal government. My husband Shawn and I enjoy all the benefits that being members of SMSA provides, and I look forward to continuing my volunteer service and hope that the membership will allow me that privilege.


Existing Directors not up for re-election (term end): Joe Frost (2024), Elliott Peterson (2024), Carl Kemp (2025), Shawn Stanley (2025)

Clarke McKinney

Clarke McKinney

I have been a member of SMSA since 1978. Serving in many positions and am twice a Past Commodore. Other Positions that have been served are Delagate, Vice President, and President of PHRF of the Chesapeake. Currently, I'm a Board member of the Boat Foundation at St Marys College of Maryland.

Also the experience of managing and owning Quantum Sails in Solomons will assist in forging the future for SMSA.

Staying active in SMSA programs through my membership will assist my direction. Always active in the sail race programs, principle race officer for Screwpile Lighthouse Challenge starting at its inception and working through many programs should be helpful.

I am enthusiastic about continuing my participation in SMSA

Jimmy Yurko

Jimmy Yurko

I've been a member of SMSA since 2005. I've volunteered with the junior program, facilities, smallboat and keelboat programs. I've served the club as Junior program chair, adult learn to sail chair, clew editor, rear commodore and commodore.

Currently I'm volunteering as a coach for our high school sailing team.

The success of SMSA is extremely important to me and I have and will continue to contribute hundreds of hours each year to ensure the success of the club.

As we move forward I understand the importance of being a good team member and collaborator. Between my years of experience on the SMSA board, and my many years working with high school students in the classroom I've developed exceptional skills in finding concensus and problem solving skills.

I look forward to continuing to contribute to the club and would be honored to serve as a director on the board.