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2021 BNAC - Online Payment

Please select your items below, then click 'Calculate Total'.

Once you are satisfied with your selctions, payment can be made online via Paypal/credit card or via check/money order.

Those wishing to pay via check, please make your check payable to 'Southern Maryland Sailing Association' and mail to:

Southern Maryland Sailing Association
PO Box 262
Solomons, Maryland 20688

Those wishing to pay via Paypal or credit card, click on the Paypal button to be re-directed to the Paypal site to use your paypal account or enter your credit card information.
You do not need a Paypal account to use this service. Note: The 'Quantity' on your receipt will show '1', even when purchasing multiple items - the $$ is correct. We are debugging....



Select your Regatta Fee

Regatta Fee:
$235 – Before June 15th, 11:00PM EST
$260 – After June 15th, 11:00PM EST
$275 – After Aug 15th, 11:00PM EST

Select your Regatta Shirts

**Shirt Pre-orders have ended. A select number of shirts will be available at the registration table**

Are you a US Sailing or CSA member

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Enter ticket quantity in the box. Your registration includes 2 tickets to the SMSA Crab Feast (Saturday) and 2 tickets to the Awards Party (Sunday). You may purchase additional meal tickets below.

**FULL** Thursday's Dinner is a sailing excursion on the Historic Dee of St. Mary's. Dinner will be served onboard the Dee. Bring your own Beverage (coolers provided). Space is limited - reserve your tickets now! **FULL**

The Dee is a skipjack sailing vessel that represents the last commercial sailing fleet in North America. The Dee is 56 feet long on deck with a 20-foot beam. Her mast is 76 feet tall and her boom is about 56 feet long. She carries about 2,600 square feet of sail with a hull speed of roughly 10 knots--about 11 miles per hour. The large amount of sail enables skipjacks to pull large iron dredges across the oyster beds of the Chesapeake Bay with a minimum amount of wind. The heavy dredges are pulled aboard using an hydraulic motor.

$ 0
Event now closed. Friday Class Meeting and Crew Event. Enjoy dinner with friends with a sunset of the river at The Pier Restaurant.

$ 0
Saturday Crab Feast and BBQ - $20/ticket - 2 adult tickets included in your registration
$ 0
Kid's Saturday Crab Feast and BBQ - $12/ticket - For kids 12 and under only
$ 0
2 adult tickets included in your registration
SMSA's Annual Crab Feast and BBQ. Enjoy Maryland Blue Crabs along with plenty of non-seafood entrees and sides.

Sunday Awards Event - $20/ticket
2 tickets included in your registration
$ 0