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Program Oversiew

SMSA Smallboat Race Program - Overview:

The SMSA Smallboat Racing Program was formed in 1997 to provide a program for both novice and experienced dinghy sailors to race dinghies in an informal and fun environment. The program is built to support the sport of sailboat racing and encourage participation at all levels. Experienced sailors will also find the racing competitive and challenging due to the larger fleets that are typical of smallboat racing. The informal atmosphere easily lends itself to sailing education and fun times on the water.

Races are held on the Patuxent River, typically by the Solomons flats just outside the harbor entrance. There are in fact multiple good race areas for Smallboats in the Patuxent river off Solomons Island ( Smallboat Racing Areas). Two race series are planned for 2016: The Summer Series runs each Thursday evening from late April through August, and the Sunset Series runs each Thursday night in September.

Two weekend regattas are also hosted each yeaar. These regattas are open to smallboats competitors from outside our club and have drawn racers from all over the East Coast in prior years. Informal/fun events for Club One Design Fleets (laser and Buccaneer 18) are also added to the calendar each year.

Several events are planned each year to draw the Smallboat fleet, Keelboat Fleet and Cruising Fleet so that all Club sailors can participate in the same vent. The most popular of these is usually the Mixed Couples Race/Cruise to Battle Creek.

Smallboat racing events conclude with a gathering at the SMSA Clubhouse for food and beverages, the evening results and informal awards. It's also where "protests" have traditionally been resolved over a cold beer and a handshake.

Race Committee (RC)

RCs are made up of volunteers on an individual race/event basis.  RCs are responsible for the conduct of the race, computing provisional race results, and providing the provisional results to the Smallboat Program Chair.  All racers are expected to share the load of RC duties.  All SMSA Smallboat racing (fees-paid) members are expected to serve as RC Principal Race Officer (PRO) (preferably for at least a couple of Thursday night events). If possible, use the website to signup for RC duties. Any questions regarding race conduct should be directed to the PRO for clarification. RC Boat indoctrination/checkout can be scheduled by contacting the Smallboat Program Race Chair.

Protest Committee (PC)

In order to ensure fairness in the sport, we follow US Sailing Racing Rules (RRS) and prescriptions that are available for download from the US Sailing website which are amended by our sailing instructions. When there is a violation of these rules or instructions that requires arbitration or a hearing, we appoint a protest committee to hear both sides of the situation and provide an objective and fair application of the rules following all of the US Sailing procedures.


Five formal awards with perpetual trophies are presented each year, along with some informal "keeper" awards, at the SMSA Annual Award Banquet.

Race Schedule

The 2022 Smallboat race schedule, RC signup, and results can be found on the SMSA website.



Please report any problems to SMSA Smallboat Program Chair

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