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Southern Maryland Sailing Association
Thursday Night Racing


  1. Rules This regatta will be governed by the 2005-2008 edition of "The Racing Rules of Sailing" (RRS), the prescriptions of the US Sailing Association, and these sailing instructions.

  1. Notices to Competitors (a) The official Race Committee Bulletin Board is located at the base of the hill at the SMSA Clubhouse between the Calvert Marina FF and GG docks. It will be used to advise contestants of changes in the Sailing Instructions, published starting times, protest hearings and other official information. Notices will be posted at least 30 minutes prior to the starting time of the first race. (b) The Race Committee may also hand out or verbally provide notices to competitors from the start/finish race committee boat.

  1. Schedule of Races On Thursday evenings an attempt will be made to hold two to three (2-3) races. Racers should rendezvous in the vicinity of Solomonís Pier at approximately 6:15 p.m. The first race will start at 6:30 p.m. with subsequent races to follow the completion of each race. The race committee will fly the 'R' flag to indicate that another race will follow.
  2. R Flag (Red flag with yellow cross)

  1. Racing Area The races will be held in the Patuxent River between Sandy Point and the Johnson bridge.

  1. Courses

    1. Course A (Windward - Leeward): Races will be started at the Leeward Mark, proceed to the Windward Mark and finish at the Leeward Mark. The Race Committee may display a numeral prior to the start of the race indicating the number of complete Windward/Leeward cycles to be completed prior to finishing.
    2. Course B (Triangular): The race will be started at the Leeward Mark, proceed to the Windward Mark, thence to the Wing Mark, followed by the Leeward Mark, back to the Windward Mark, and finish at the Leeward Mark.
    3. Courses will be sailed counter-clockwise, leaving all marks to port.

  1. Marks Marks of the course will be inflatable yellow spheres or orange tetrahedrons. A change mark will be either a yellow sphere or orange tetrahedron with a solid black band.

  1. Starts and Finishes
    1. Races shall be started in accordance with Appendix T - "Sound-Signal Starting System", of the RRS. Except for the first class to start, the start for a class will signal three minutes to the start of the next class. The starting and finishing line will be defined to be between a yellow flag on the Race Committee Boat and a nearby drop mark. If a competitor is delaying the finish of a race, and her finishing position cannot be changed by continuing the race, the race committee may terminate the race and score the competitor points equal to last place.
    2. Starting Signals - The sound signals may be made with a horn, whistle or any other sound creating device that is capable of generating sounds that are distinguishable into both long and short blasts.





    3 long

    3 minutes


    2 long

    2 minutes


    1 long, 1 short

    1 minute, 30 seconds


    1 long

    1 minute


    3 short

    30 seconds


    2 short

    20 seconds


    1 short

    10 seconds


    1 short

    5 seconds


    1 short

    4 seconds


    1 short

    3 seconds


    1 short

    2 seconds


    1 short

    1 second


    1 long

    0 and 3 minutes to start of next class

    1. Starting Sequence - The starting sequence will be specified by a column of flags flown from the race committee boat. The flags will be flown with the order of the class starts designated from top to bottom with the first class to start being to top flag. Between the 3 and 2 minute signals of each subsequent start the flag for the class that just started will be removed so that by the 2 minute signal the flag for the class starting is the top flag.

  1. Recalls

    1. Individual recalls will be signaled with the display of code flag "X" in accordance with the RRS 29.2, however the flag will NOT be accompanied by a sound signal, this alters RRS rule 29.2. The race committee will try to notify premature starters by hailing their sail numbers. Failure of the race committee to make the hail, or of a boat to hear her hail will not relieve the boat of her obligation to start correctly.
    2. X Flag (white flag with blue cross)

    3. A General Recall will be signaled by a series of short whistles. This alters RRS rule 29.3.

  1. Changing the Course The race committee may move marks, provided no competitor is on the leg of the course that the mark defines. Changes of course shall be signaled verbally. This modified RRS rule 33.

  1. Safety Competitors who require assistance should signal by waving both arms overhead. Capsized boats may be righted and sailed by its crew. If the Race Committee determines it must aid a capsized boat in the interests of either safety or progress of the race, it will do so, and the boat will be scored DNF.

  1. Retirement A boat that retires is asked to notify the Race Committee either before leaving the course area, or immediately upon arriving ashore.

  1. Protests and Appeals
    1. Protests shall be written on forms available at the SMSA clubhouse and lodged within the one hour protest time which will begin when the Race Committee boat docks.
    2. The jury will hear protests in approximately the order of receipt as soon as possible.
    3. The Protest Committee is composed of capable persons according to RRS rule 89.

  1. Scoring
  2. The Low Point scoring system of rule A2, will apply, except that A2.1 is modified such that each boatís series score will be the total of her race scores, with her worst score discarded if three or more races have been completed.

  1. Class Flags The following flags shall be used to indicate the classes being started as specified in the RRS and SI-7 (An addendum to these sailing instructions will be provided with the class flags).

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