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Day of Week Month Day Event Race Committee Results
Thu April 27 Small Boat Races Sierra/Roland Available
Thu May 4 Small Boat Races No Racing - Weather Available
Thu May 11 Small Boat Races Jeffrey Available
Thu May 18 Small Boat Races Egon/Barry Available
Thu May 25 Small Boat Races Curtis Aaron Available
Thu June 1 Small Boat Races Mark Gyorgy Available
Sat June 3 Small Boat One Day Invitational Jeffrey Available
Sun June 4 Small Boat Distance Race Les and Crew Available
Thu June 8 Small Boat Races Sierra/Roland Available
Thu June 15 Small Boat Races J. Yurko Available
Thu June 22 Small Boat Races Doug/Jolie Available
Thu June 29 Small Boat Races J. Whited/Jolie Available
Thu July 6 Small Boat Races M. Rhinehart Available
Thu July 13 Small Boat Races Cancelled Available
Thu July 20 Small Boat Races Scott P Available
Thu July 27 Small Boat Races Williams/Durniak Available
Thu August 3 Small Boat Races Josh Available
Thu August 10 Small Boat Races David Meiser Available
Thu August 17 Small Boat Races Mark Witte Available
Thu August 24 Small Boat Races Steve Eagley Available
Thu August 31 Small Boat Races Sierra/Roland Available
Thu September 7 Small Boat Fall Series Doug Not Available
Thu September 14 Small Boat Fall Series Les Not Available
Thu September 21 Small Boat Fall Series Meiser Not Available
Sat September 23 Small Boat Invitational PRO - Jim Whited Available
Thu September 28 Small Boat Fall Series Not Available

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