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CBYRA Race Entry Form

(aka SMSA Small Boat Program Race Entry Form)

This race entry form can be printed, filled out, and then sent with your entry fee by snail mail to the SMSA Small Boat Race Committee. Or the form may be filled out and submitted with the race fee the day of the regatta you wish to enter.
Mail to:
	SMSA Small Boat Race Committee
	c/o Don Behrens
	23150 Lake Dr.
	Lexington Park, MD  20653

Standard Entry Form

Event Title_____________________
Sanctioned Event No.___________
Sail No.
Name of Yacht
Last Name
Yacht Club
Club #

Competitor's Full Name:_________________________________________US Sailing #_____________


Tel: (h)_______________________(o)__________________________(f)______________________

Class Rating:_________________________________
Make and Model:______________________________
Hull Color:_________________________________
Score in Region______________________________
This yacht conforms in every way to her Class rules and Measurements. Handicap Rating (if applicable) is on file with Class Representative, Host Club, or is attached hereto.


Hull Color______________
I agree to abide by the regulation and sailing instructions for this event. In consideration of being permitted to enter this event, being knowledgeable of the risks of competitive saling and knowing that it is my sole responsibility to decide whether to enter or continue any race, I voluntarily assume the risk of participation in this event and release the Host Club SMSA and the people conducting the event from all liability in connection with any injury or damage that may occur.

Signature of Competitor________________________________________Date:_____________

Notes: This race entry form was lifted directly from the CBYRA home page (It does include several minor modifications). It is the standard form used for entering all races sponsored by SMSA and all CBYRA member clubs. We are using this race entry form for all our small boat races, however you should note that none of the small boat races this season are CBYRA sanctioned events. (Give us a chance we're just starting out)
If the racer is under the age of 18 a signed Release Form must also be returned with the Race Entry Form. The Release Form can be obtained directly from SMSA or can be printed from this web page.
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