SMSA Cruise Update (May 17-26, South Bay - Smith)

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Southern Bay Cruise 

Some of us will begin our week on the Southern Bay Cruise on Saturday, May 17th, while others will depart Sunday, May 18th (due in part to the race on Saturday, which many plan to participate in). On Saturday, the 17th, we will head south to the Smith Creek, dropping the hook and enjoy a nice spot on the creek.   

On Sunday, we will head out and meet up with the rest of the Racer-Cruisers in Reedville, VA.  We will be dropping our hooks just north of the stacks of the Menhaden Processing Plant in Cockrell Creek. From Reedville we will yet again head south to Carter Creek off the Rappahannock River, anchoring in the eastern branch of the creek and not far from the Tides Inn. The following day, some of our group may opt to head over to Urbanna for a short sail and enjoy a good time in town, while others will pull into the Tides Inn and enjoy a lazy day by the pool. For those planning to make reservations, here is information for The Tides Inn:, (800) 843-3746.  

The next day we will head down the river and up the bay to Grogg Island located in Dymer Creek. We are not sure if the Island is still there, as it was nearly gone two years ago when we were last there, but we plan to check it out. We will anchor in Rones Bay behind the Island, unless the weather prohibits anchoring in the bay. If the weather is blowing from the south or we feel the need to anchor elsewhere, we will move farther up Dymer Creek. The following day we will setout across the bay to Onancock. A nice 28-mile sail to the mouth of Onancock Creek.  Depending upon the winds, you may want to motor up the creek, as it is a little narrow. We will be rafting up in Onancock Creek not far from the Warf. We will have a lay day Friday in Onancock and plan to enjoy this great little town, which is within walking distance from the dock.  For those planning to get a slip at the dock for Friday, here is the information for the harbormaster:, (757) 787-7911.  

From Onancock we head out of the creek and North to Crisfield. Once we arrive in Crisfield, we will be staying at Somers Cove Marina for the night.  The marina telephone number is (410) 968-0925. If you let them know that you are with the SMSA group, they will try to keep us together. From there, you can elect to enjoy a lay day and see the town or take the ferry to Smith Island. Others may want to head back to Solomons to allow for a day of rest before the workweek begins or just to get the boat ready for the next adventure!  

Should you have any questions, please contact me at or by phone at (301) 863-8285. We will be monitoring Ch. 9, 16, 72 for the duration of the trip and, as per the yearbook cruising instructions, we will be checking in at 1000 and 1400 daily on Ch. 9. Looking forward to seeing you on the water! 

Robert “Smitty” Smith  

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