SMSA Mixed Couples Race & Cruise August 16-17

See Cruise Itinerary

The Sailing Instructions shown below are a verbatim copy from the official SMSA Race Circular which can be found at, page 34




DATE: 8/16/08

SEND ENTRY TO: Jim & Barb Whited 6921 Bond Street, St. Leonard, MD 20685

CONTACTS: Jim & Barb Whited, (410) 586-0601,

ELIGIBILITY: This is an informal race. No entry fee or form is required, but prior notification is requested. The

crew of a participating yacht must be one man and one woman. A provisional rating will be assigned if a yacht

does not have a valid PHRF rating. Participants are strongly encouraged to contact Jim or Barbara prior to this

event for specific instructions.

STARTING TIME: The starting window will be between 10:00 am and 10:30 am. Each participant shall record

his or her own time at the Starting Line.

STARTING LINE: When Red #6A at Sandy Point is within two boat lengths and bears 40° off the bow, or

between #6A and a committee boat if it is on station.

FINISH LINE: Red #18 off Battle Creek. [Note: This is a change from previous years in which the finish line

was at red #20.] Each boat shall record its own finish time when Red #18 is within two boat lengths and bears

070° off the bow.

COURSE: Sandy Point "6A" to "18" off Battle Creek. All yachts must sail to the channel side of all river
marks. Official course length from #6A to #18 is 10.42nm.

STARTING SIGNALS: None. Self start between 1000 and 1030 with time recorded.


CLASSES: Spin and Non-Spin

AWARDS/# BOATS STARTING: 1st/3 2nd/5 3rd/7

PROTESTS: See contact person(s) for instructions.

ADDITIONAL RACE INFORMATION: Only two people may sail the boat, but other people may be on-board and
may move about the boat wherever they or the skipper choose. They may serve as "Gofers/Cabana Boys/BBs"
or galley hands, but they may not in any way assist in the actual sailing of the boat while it is racing. Report start
and finish times to the Race Committee after the finish of the race. If participants wish, there may be an informal
"pursuit" race back to Solomons on Sunday with a mini-rendezvous at Zahniser’s Pool Bar at the end of the
informal race. A well-timed, staggered start, based on PHRF ratings, will allow a convergence at the finish line,
Red #6A. For the informal race back to Solomons on Sunday, there are no restrictions on how many
crewmembers can race the boat. Appropriate informal race trophies for the Sunday informal race will be awarded
at a date to be determined.

OTHER INFORMATION: Awards will be presented at a later date, time and place to be announced, hopefully
during cocktail hour. Results will be published on the website at and mailed to those who provide
a self-addressed stamped envelope.