SMSA Cruise Update (May 25-June 6) Delmarva - Kimmel/Freeman)

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Delmarva Cruise 

As part of the Southern Maryland Sailing Associationís cruising program, a clockwise circumnavigation of the Delmarva Peninsula from Solomons is scheduled for the last week of May through the first week of June. Boats taking advantage of this leisurely cruise will be spending nights anchored in scenic rivers and coves in the Chesapeake Bay and in marinas in Chesapeake City, Ocean City and Norfolk. What sets this cruise apart from the other cruises is the off-shore leg from Cape May to Cape Charles. While Bay cruisers are used to fairly predictable Chesapeake weather patterns, and can accommodate those changes, most are not familiar with conditions that may arise while sailing in the Atlantic Ocean. Cruise leaders Rich Freeman and Patty Kimmel are scheduling anchorages along the way and double checking the tides. A recommended safety equipment list will be distributed for all participants along with a compilation of phone numbers and locations of the Coast Guard Stations along the way just in case contact becomes necessary. There will be plenty of time during the cruise to stop and smell the roses at interesting points along the route. Planning includes finding restaurants and marinas that will provide positive experiences. The only item that canít be planned is the weather.


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