SMSA Cruise Report & Gallery: Halloween Cruise Nov 1-2, 2008

Boooo!   The cruise to Rollins Cove was scheduled tentatively on a dreary afternoon last winter and organized only on Halloween night at the clubhouse bar, but still enjoyed by all on a beautiful evening the next day as the ghost of a new moon rose over St. Leonard’s creek.   Eagerly anticipating the festivities, “Kalypso Fred” was first to drop the hook, well away from the sandy beach where cows moo too early in the morning after a proper party.   His new 45 pound CQR sank deeply in the ancient Chesapeake mud under the force of 3000 rpms in reverse, soon to anchor all the other sailors who had toasted the previous evening to a planned 4 PM raft-up.     

Next to round Rodney Point from the Patuxent was “Koel” (Sacketts).  Then, the Bergsman’s arrived by motor launch from their dock upstream with seven visiting family members.  (They were forgiven for the stinkpot because their Sabre 38, s/v Kalypso, had mechanical problems).   Soon after, “Illumination” (Marchants) tied alongside.  Then, “Safina” (Chandler) sailed in.  Arriving just in time for happy hour was “Walkabout” (Zondermans).    At this point, “Kalypso Fred” was wondering whether his anchor would hold almost forty tons of boats tied alongside.   But, the weather couldn’t have been better, with only a pleasantly warm breeze billowing over the protected cove. 

 Happy hour revelry, on both “Koel” and “Kalypso” due to the number of people, lived up to the best SMSA cruising traditions:  stories were numerous and humorous,  hors d’oeuvres were voluminous and varied, and libations were plentiful and potent.   The kids were amused by playing games, fishing for crabs and climbing all over the boats.   Over three hours later, as the sun and sailing banter faded, raft-up lines were untied for anchoring nearby. 

 But, the best Halloween treat was still to come.   Awakening late Sunday morning to a brisk breeze, cruisers raised canvas in the creek and sailed on a beam reach at hull speed down the Patuxent to their slips in Solomons.    

Fred Siesseger
s/v Kalypso

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posted: 11/06/2008


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